About Us


Silver Sparrow is a company that is dedicated to changing lives and enhancing the way hemp is perceived by the public eye. With 10 years of nutraceutical manufacturing experience, our founders have been producing CBD products for multiple other brands since the inception of the industry and have made and sold millions of individual products.


We created Silver Sparrow to integrate our industry insights, connections, and knowledge into a product line that our customers could truly enhance their lives with. Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality of products at the lowest pricing available.


  • -Made in America with hemp grown in America.
  • -Zero THC in every one of our products.
  • -Our products are produced in a cGMP and FDA registered facility.
  • -All of our products are third party tested.
  • -Free of solvents, pesticides, metals and unnatural substances.


Silver Sparrow is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.
Our CBD comes from hemp grown in Oregon.
Our products are manufactured in a cGMP facility in Lindon, Utah that is registered with the Hemp Department of Utah.


Shine Like Silver, Soar Like A Sparrow