Nano CBD Tincture - Smile
Nano CBD Tincture - Smile
Nano CBD Tincture - Smile
Nano CBD Tincture - Smile
Nano CBD Tincture - Smile

Nano CBD Tincture - Smile

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Kanna has been used in traditional medicine by South African tribesmen 
for thousands of years.

They would gather and dry the roots and stems of the plant, then chew them 
to gain its effects.

Whenever the tribe’s hunters and shepherds went on long journeys in dry areas, they would use kanna to quell their hunger and thirst. They also discovered it helped boost their energy and vitality
PEA is a fatty acid naturally produced by the body to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain and stress.

It acts on a number of chemical receptors in the body to achieve these effects. And one of those chemicals is anandamide, which helps produce what’s known as the “runner’s high.”

You know that blissed-out feeling you get right after a really good workout? The one that makes you feel calm, pain-free and happy, like all is right with the world?

That’s the “runner’s high” at work.

Unfortunately, this “runner’s high” chemical only lasts for a short time... maybe an hour or two. Then your mood is right back to what it was.

And as you get older, you may notice that “runner’s high” doesn’t last as long. That’s because your body doesn’t produce as much PEA as it used to, so your anandamide fades faster.

This is why we’ve added PEA to our Smile formula.

lithium Orotate
Lithium orotate is a natural mineral the body needs to maintain good mental balance and well-being.

It used to be present in abundance in the water and soil of God’s beautiful Earth, so we got all that we needed from our drinking water and food.

But in many regions today, there is little to no lithium orotate in the soil or water…

So most of us have a shortage of this necessary mineral.

In fact, studies of areas where there is higher levels of lithium orotate in the land or water have shown much lower rates of suicide and violence than areas where the levels of this mineral are low
People who have taken lithium orotate have reported better mood and a feeling of calm and peace of mind. 

And lithium orotate doesn’t only help with mood…

According to a Danish study, this amazing little mineral may actually protect the brain from the mental decline that often comes with aging! 

It is truly an essential nutrient for a healthy mind… which is why we’ve included it in Smile.